Can you say the same thing using different words? hand cut paper. 10″x10″

January 04, 2017

This piece is old, and I never took any good pictures of it. But I just found these photos and I had forgotten how large it was!


trying some etchings.

3 in progress.

A Wizard, A Painter, A Birdman and a Shut in. ( in progress)

Public Art, 17’x22.5’x2″ Laser cut cold rolled, blackened steel.

January 03, 2017


playing around. I don’t think this is successful, but I like the new direction.

September 02, 2015

American Craft Council, Emerging Voices Finalist


playing with color

FullSizeRender 15

playing with some ideas

September 01, 2015

If you contacted me I did not receive it

November 14, 2014

It has come to my attention that my contact form has not been working.  I am very sorry if you tried and I never got back to you. Please try again!!  It should be fixed now. If not please email me at annie@annievought.com and let me know.

Thank you

October 25, 2014


sketch for new work

July 13, 2014

Way Out West

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 1.46.15 PM 2

Double Zero portrait photos

December 02, 2013

This is an exciting new project that Hannah and I are exploring. The last four photos were taken at JC penny. Double Zero will be at Montalvo  Artist Residency in February and March 2013.

130820_Portraits 25509  130820_Portraits 25543  130820_Portraits 25629  130820_Portraits 25771 P3

A new take for me



June 26, 2013

photo copy

I was published in this beautiful new book. BRIGHT!  Its full of wonderful artists, including my dear friend Steve Lambert.


Berkshire Museum

June 25, 2013


My dads painting 1970’s

June 17, 2013

photo copy

My dads (Peter Vought) painting 1970’s



Berkshire Museum

I have some work at the Berkshire Museum. This sounds like a cool show. Stop by if you can and tell me how it is.

PaperWorks: The Art and Science of an Extraordinary Material


“The exhibition is part of the year-long recognition of the Museum’s 110th anniversary. Berkshire Museum was founded by Zenas Crane, a third-generation papermaker whose descendants are still making fine paper in the Berkshires. In fact, the portion of the exhibition that explores the history of paper around the world includes objects loaned by the Crane Museum of Papermaking.

The ways paper can be part of art-making are endless: it can be folded and twisted; it can be pierced or cut; it can be pulped and molded. Paper can be used as commonplace wrapping or packaging or as a green material in sustainable design; it can be engineered for use in exacting technology or hand-crafted into a rustic journal. PaperWorks includes delicate origami pieces, large-scale sculptures, re-purposed books, green design, works in vivid color or pure white, with every object telling a story.

Among the numerous artists represented in PaperWorks are sculptors, engineers, and technicians who manipulate, transform, and re-invent paper. Participating artists include Hina Aoyama, Dai Ban, Jaq Belcher, Doug Beube, Brian Chan, Beatrice Coron, Andrea Dezsö, Erik and Martin Demaine, Brian Dettmer, Eric Drury, Nick Georgiou, David Graas, Dylan Graham, Li Hongbo, Tina Hovsepian, Samantha Huang, Paul Jackson, Michael LaFosse, Guy Laramee, James A. Meyer, Yoshinobu Miyamoto, Daniel Murphy, Calvin Nicholls, Michele Oka Doner, Isaac Salazar, Matthew Shlian, Kiff Slemmons, Jen Stark, Richard Sweeney, Annie Vought, Thomas Witte, and Ian Wright. The exhibition includes cut-paper animation videos by award-winning artist Michel Ocelot as well as video works by Michael Crozier, Steven Briand, Zhe Zhang, and Simon Griesser of Salon Alpin.

In addition, unique and surprising objects made from paper include a nineteenth-century paper boat, paper dresses from the 1970s, exquisite Asian fans, cut-paper Aztec icons, jewelry, lighting, and furniture. Examples of unique and specialty papers have been provided by Onyx Specialty Papers and Potsdam Specialty Paper.”

Santa Fe


This one is really BIG almost five feet tall

February 08, 2013


Page Magazine.

January 14, 2013

page- magazine

An Elephant project 2013

January 03, 2013

Elephant/Xiàng/Olifant Project

The Elephant/Xiàng/Olifant Project, a multi-genre artist movement, aims to highlight the complexity of a global catastrophe (loss of the elephants) into the simple and direct call to save the diminishing African Elephant population.  Without the demand for ivory, the supply (elephants) may have the opportunity to survive and thrive as a species.  In its first incarnation, the Elephant/Xiàng/Olifant Project has asked a number of highly esteemed artists to donate art for an auction and party to raise money and awareness for  Save the Elephants, a non-profit organization in Kenya, whose mission is:  “To secure the future for elephants and sustain the beauty and ecological integrity of the places they live, to Promote mans delights in their intelligences and the diversity of their world, and to develop a tolerant relationship between the two species”


This Project is a goal for 2013.  We are in the beginning stages of putting this together. Hopefully it is the start of many projects that bring artists to the aid of the elephants. If you want to contribute your time, research, ideas, space, art etc.. please contact me at annie@annievought.com

(this is a picture of me in Africa last year)

Other Organizations we support: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

This holiday season I gave my loved ones the gift of fostering an orphaned baby elephant from The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. I was actually surprised by how excited and touched people were by the gift. Check out their website if you can, they video the recuse of the babies. Keep tissues near by. And if you ever make it to Kenya you can visit the elephant you foster.


National Geographic magazine Blood Ivory report

New York Times Ivory article

EIA Blood Ivory report




November 12, 2012

The Muckenthaler, Nov 15, 6:30

My show at Unspeakable came down. And I am taking 2 of my peices to the Muckenthaler in Fullerton CA. for a Show called Type Matters:

If you are in the LA area stop by. I know its a little bit of a treck but I think it will be a fun show.

  • OPENING RECEPTION THURSDAY NOVEMBER 15 6:30 PMDigital technology has had a two-fold affect on traditional forms of publishing and book design. On one hand the printed book may be on the way to becoming an antique form, while fonts have exploded in number and style with the advent of desktop printing. This exhibit will examine the expanded definition of the book while also considering the meaning carried by specific fonts utilized by artists in different media. Organized by the Muckenthaler Cultural Center

     with guest curators.Artists include: Marian Bantjes, Chris Bigg, Andrew Byrom, Andre Chevez, Andrew Effendy, Betsy Holster, Jean Gillingwators, Ana Gomez Bernaus, Matthias Kulow, Hanif Kureshi, Jan Owen, YuJune Park, Nick Shinn, Petre Spassov, Mike Stickley, Annie Vought, Fergus Wessel.

    The exhibition will be divided into three parts representing historical examples of typography, mainly in antiquarian books, “case histories” examining the developmental stages of individual font designs, artist books, and contemporary design and art utilizing specific fonts as intrinsic elements of meaning.

    Media range from digital only video by Matthias Kulow and wall graphics of YuJune Park to hand cut paper wall hangings of Annie Vought and unique typefaces that exist only as hand sketched botanical letterorms by Ana Gomez Bernhaus. Andrew Effendy’s twisted into barbed wire fence font exists only as a sculptural object, while Andrew Byrom’s wall mounted oversized steel letters extend short phrases into three dimensional space.

    Master book artist and CSUF instructor Besty Holster will show several examples of her single edition publications, most of which stretch the very definition of a book.
    Broadsides, oversize pages dedicated to single literary works, are represented by, among others, Jean Gillingwators of The Blackbird Press. The near lost art of hand painted Indian street signs is represented by Hanif Kureshi, who utilizes traditional techniques for hand lettering variations of Indian fonts in brightly colored banners.

1201 West Malvern Avenue, Fullerton, California 92833


Opening Oct 18th!!! please come tell your friends!!

October 14, 2012

annie_voughtVought Experimental
Annie Vought Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception Thursday, October 18 | 6 – 9 PM
On view through November 10Unspeakable Projects is pleased to announce the representation of Annie Vought
and her solo exhibition of new works. Vought Experimental takes its title from
a plane model designed by the artist’s grandfather, a contemporary of the Wright brothers
and aviation pioneer. In a series of hand-cut paper sculptures and videos, Vought takes
the alternately elegant and absurd experiments of early aviation as a metaphor for
achieving the impossible. From silhouetted kites to crashed planes, Vought mix images
of flight with descriptions of her own dreams to explore the role of the subconscious
in creating and surpassing human limits.


Unspeakable Projects
735 Tehama Street
San Francisco 94103

green tea and used blades.

September 24, 2012

sold out

June 18, 2012

I am currently sold out of all my work, but I am having a show on Oct 18th at Unspeakable Projects in San Francisco. Please email me if you want me to send you pictures of the work for this show… I have not made it yet.. but it will be made eventually… And once it is made I will send you pictures if you like.


Published in Paper Works

May 02, 2012




In The Make

February 21, 2012

The wonderful ladies from In the Make came to my studio in Oakland. Here are some pictures. Check out their amazing blog: http://inthemake.net



2 shows and a blog

January 16, 2012

Some news


I have a few things coming up I would like to tell you about!
I will have 3 piceses in The Affordable Art Fair in Los Angeles this coming week.  I think this should be a fun event, if you are in the area please stop by!
Presenting contemporary art priced from $100 – $10,000, with half of the work under $5,000, the Affordable Art Fair will present original, contemporary works to entice the entire L.A. community.
  • Affordable Art Fair Los Angeles.
  • Wed, Jan 18, 7:30pm – 10pm Private Preview Party
  • Georgia St. btwn Chick Hearn Ct. and W. Olympic Blvd
  • Parking Entrance: 1005 Chick Hearn Ct.
  • Thu, Jan 19, 12pm – 9pm (4pm-9pm FREE ADMISSION)
  • Fri, Jan 20, 12pm – 8pm
  • Sat, Jan 21, 11am – 8pm
  • Sun, Jan 22, 11am – 6pm
I am very excited to be featured in the new blog In the Make. In the Make is a collaboration between photographer Klea McKenna and writer Nikki Grattan. It is a really fabulous blog, and I am honered to be a part of it. Check it out in the next week and you will see photos of my studio and large dog Moses.

I am also part of this show at Intersection for the Arts.  This is a great line up of artists!!! I have wanted to be a part of a show here forever!!!!


In Other Words is a group exhibition that looks at language and its capacity to clarify and confuse, convene and separate, inspire and discourage. Language can excite our spirit, comfort our feelings, and inform our intellect; it can also extinguish desire, destroy confidence, and cloud perception. By exploring a range of areas concerning the influence and evolution of language in our lives — the impact of technology, the obscurity of industry-specific terminology, the psychological internalization of language, and the recontexutalization of language — the artists in this exhibition demonstrate through a diversity of media the many ways in which we strive to communicate to each other.

In Other Words features work by Katie Gilmartin, Julia Goodman, Emanuela Harris-Sintamarian, Susan O’Malley, Meryl Pataky, Alex Potts, Cassie Thornton, Annie Vought and Christine Wong Yap.

Emails from my mom

January 13, 2012

Design Sponge synchronicity

October 21, 2011

I just moved into a new house. I love it, but that is also why I have not been posting or sending letters for a while. I am about to sit down and send letters to all the address’s I currently have. So if you want a card let me know. I Love making them. Below are some new cards. Also in news I was published in a new book called Push Paper. Also I was posted on the Blog Design Sponge. I was looking at the blog daily because we were moving into a new house and I had an impulse to email them and show them my work.  The next day they posted my work on their blog but not because I had emailed them.. The same day I had contacted them, they had seen my work in person.. How Weird is that?!!!!!!!!!!!

Its coming from his stomach






Its coming from her head

It has been a while

new ones I found this photo in Oakland and I know this guy from Santa Fe!

Leah Ollman LA Times Review!!! holy moly!!!!

July 22, 2011

Click here to find out more!

Culture Monster




Annie Vought at New Image Art

July 22, 2011 |  6:00 am




Annie Vought BallooningText messages come and go with a chime, a ding or a whoosh, and we bother little with the traces they leave behind. Unless, of course, the sender is an elected official engaged in salacious, visually enhanced chat. Or the Oakland-based artist Annie Vought, some of whose new work is based on her texts and those of others. Vought made a striking impression in a three-person show at the now-closed Tarryn Teresa gallery downtown in 2009, with her re-creations of old, handwritten letters in cut paper. Excising the negative space between the paper’s lines and the hand’s marks left the script hanging in sheets of delicate tracery, vulnerable yet enduring.

Vought’s first solo show in L.A., at New Image Art, is small but equally stunning. All five cut-paper pieces involve the translation of one form of communication into another, profoundly different, setting off a cascade of transformations and reversals. The resulting works are manual feats, optical wonders, conceptual and emotional provocations.

In one of the pieces derived from text messages, a burst of teardrop-shaped speech bubbles bursts in all directions from a vacant center. “Ballooning. I mean Hellooo” is a gorgeous scramble of ordinary chitchat, an ebullient spray of quotidian poetry: I will inevitably get old; You go devil girl; What should we bring?; K; The person who has been watching you from the bushes; Plz forgive me; Thanx dude; Later. Vought cuts the letters and their capsules from a single sheet of black paper and pins it to the wall, allowing enough space for the slim lines of the writing to cast a comparably fine web of shadows, the interplay like a fugue of sound and echo.

Text messages are efficient, ephemeral, expendable. Vought alters them fundamentally, spending inordinate time sculpting the tossed-off missives into precise, precious, physical relics. She prolongs the instantaneous and fixes the fleeting. “Please Be Quiet Please,” a messier jumble of acronyms, emoticons and pleas — where are you? can we talk? its too NOISY to talk—suggests a room crowded with sound, but even more so a private, internal cacophony. “I am listening to Depeche Mode Loud” relays an exchange of notes, like the scribbles surreptitiously passed by students in class, but this dialogue started in a generic font on a tiny screen. In translating the messages from digital to analog, Vought restores the intimacy of each voice, rendering it in idiosyncratic handwriting, complete with sloppily formed letters and what appear to be splotches of ink.

Annie Vought I am Listening

With grace and impeccable finesse, as well as a coy sense of humor, Vought extends the tradition of artists who regard language as a visual phenomenon (think Bruce Nauman, Joseph Kosuth, Lawrence Weiner). She states on her website that she’s interested in “emotional artifacts,” and like a cultural anthropologist, she finds all varieties of expression to be significant and worth preserving. In her installation, “Namaste Kokopelli,” she elevates disparate snippets of bathroom graffiti into concrete poetry, scattering the self-indulgent scrawls and coarse doodles in all directions across the wall, like an automatic drawing, a black stream of consciousness trickling across the white surface. A delicious subversiveness threads through Vought’s work, in her resistance to expediency and haste, her embrace of the slow, deliberate craft of the hand, the tenderness of her attention to even the most casual remark, her drawing out the personal from the impersonal, and her underlying belief that all of it matters.

— Leah Ollman

New Image Art, 7908 Santa Monica Blvd., (323) 654-2192. Through Saturday.http://www.newimageartgallery.com/

Photos: Annie Vought, “Ballooning. I mean Hellooo,” top; “I am listening to Depeche Mode Loud,” bottom. Credit: New Image Art

your letters

July 21, 2011

If you gave me your address and you did not get a card its because I have been really busy. But I have a window now and so I will be sending yours letters out soon. So sorry for the delay!

New Image Art Los Angeles

June 30, 2011

this is work from my recent show in LA. It was a quiet event but all my lovely family showed up. So that was nice. I worked so hard on this show, I only had a few weeks to make all the work because I have been so busy. Honestly I am not so happy about the way the work turned out.. but it was a start in a new direction.. The work is all based on text messaging… here is a link that my wonderful cousin Liz posted http://blisssmag.com/bloggg/






gallery shot.

April 30, 2011

Kenneth Baker’s amazing review of us in the S.F Chronicle!!

April 17, 2011

Two for two: Creative collaboration has mushroomed in contemporary art, but I cannot recall anyone delving into its most obvious implicit themes – friendship and cooperation – as Hannah Ireland and Annie Vought do in their joint show at Unspeakable Projects.

Ireland has carved up floor and wall space with salvaged picket fence, baring the teeth of this symbol of idyllic neighborliness.

Vought shows several of her dazzlingly ornate paper cuts of handwritten letters, including one that Ireland sent her during their teens.

In more recent pieces, Vought traces every whorl of frenzied scratching-out in letters probably never sent, making literalness and illegibility converge in nearly complete abstraction.

But the videos offer the most memorable surprises to visitors not already familiar with Vought’s astonishing paper cuts.

For the silent “Can Pick You Up or Meet You There, Either Way” (2011), the collaborators drove two posts into the beach, upright and parallel, about 5 feet apart and 3 feet tall, each just wide enough to stand atop on only one leg.

Against a blank sky, before a fixed camera, Ireland and Vought enter the frame and each tries to surmount a post without a ladder or other prop.

Vought finally helps Ireland onto a perch, where she teeters effortfully until Vought manages solo to stand on hers. They join hands, beginning a footworkless dance of reciprocal rebalancing.

“Can Pick You Up …” joins a line of task-oriented performances that connects Marina Abramoviæ, Vito Acconci, Richard Serra and others. The piece also revises the “living sculpture” performances that won early art world fame for Gilbert and George.

But “Can Pick You Up …” and two other videos here have an affectionate, mildly comic spirit too seldom seen in performance art.

In one piece, Ireland and Vought contrive to open and share a bottle of champagne with their hands joined by Chinese finger traps.

In the other, they work their way from a couch to the floor to standing and hopping out of the frame, each bound neck to ankles in cellophane, like a kidnap victim.

The American backbeat of pathological individualism lends these collaborations a poignancy, power and political edge that we might otherwise miss.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/04/15/DDJD1IVBVB.DTL#ixzz1Jp7BwD6g


BG Magazine from Ecuador.

April 15, 2011


April 04, 2011






















April 01, 2011

Unspeakable Projects
735 Tehama Street
San Francisco 94103

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“YOU ARE A BITCH” again, again.

March 31, 2011


This piece is huge.  I am going to be moving away from the formal letter format but this one I did because it is a letter written to me from Hannah in high school.



This is an image from a video that Hannah and I made for our Show. “You Are A Bitch” I am so excited to be making videos with Hannah. It turns out that we are funny….


March 19, 2011

Hannah Ireland. and I are going to have a champagne party at 7:30 -9. come by and join us in the fun. Thursday. April 7th.”You are a Bitch” is referring to a fight that Hannah and I got into when we were 15 years old. (Yes, we have been friends for a long time.)  In this show we are examining friendships, communication and boundaries. Please come if you can, and tell your friends!!!!!

Unspeakable Projects
735 Tehama Street
San Francisco 94103
e: info@unspeakableprojects.com
tel: 510-757-3337

“You Are A Bitch”:


Hannah Ireland, Annie Vought



Send me your address!!!

November 28, 2010

I have gotten over 50 addresses so far and I am having so much fun making the cards. So tell your friends. I want to keep making them. I have not been good at taking photos of all of the cards I have been making, so give me the opportunity to be better next time and send me your addresses!


This is not the best picture ever taken for sure! I need to fix my camera. But this is piece made form a note I found on the street. Its said. “Never mind.. never again will we walk along. Your emotions are too strong for me. Never mind.” and then it was scribbled all over.

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Shadow Shop by Stephanie Syjuco at SFMOMA

Artist Stephanie Styjuco http://www.stephaniesyjuco.com/ is responsible for this wonderful project:

Open to the public November 20, 2010, at SFMOMA

“A temporary and alternative store/distribution point embedded within the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s fifth floor galleries, Shadowshop will stock hundreds of artists’ multiples, small works, tchotchkes, catalogs, books, zines, media works, and other distributive creative output.

While operating as an actual mom-and-pop style store, Shadowshop is also a platform for exploring the ways in which artists are navigating the production, consumption, and dissemination of their work. Four themes (1. artwork-as-commodity, 2. cultural souvenirs, 3. bootlegs and counterfeits, and 4.alternative distribution systems) will contextualize selected projects that are both complicit with and also critical of capitalist circulation. Special projects will be commissioned by Packard Jennings, Juan Luna-Avin, and Imin Yeh.”

I made hand cut “Signature Collectibles Be A collector! Its not how you write your name its who’s name you write” ( my friend Chad Lott http://chadfred.blogspot.com/ is a copy writer and he came up with that for me.)

Sadly these photos are not too great.

My husband had some pictures from Italy on his phone. Here they are.

November 08, 2010

Ayn Hannah sent this to me.

I got this wonderful piece in the mail last week. www.aynhanna.wordpress.com Thank you Ayn!

Look at this amazing cut out I received from May. Thank you May!!!

Check out her Blog! pinkcloudpaper.blogspot.com

She sent me another beautiful little cut out that I will post soon as well.

my new business card

November 01, 2010

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send me your letters!

Send me your letters. I collect letters and notes. They can be yours or they can be found. I am particularly interested in writing that has been scratched out. Just scan the letter and email it to me: annie@annievought.com If you don’t have a scanner send me an email and I will give you my address.  Just be aware I might make a cut out of your letter so it would no longer be private.

I am still doing the letter project. So if you want me to send you a card just email me your address.I got my 1st letter back from Ayn in Colo. I will take a picture of her wonderful letter soon and post it.

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detail of the work in italy this summer

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Not quite finished..

October 31, 2010

This is the piece I did the last time I was in Italy. It was for http://www.simonetta.it/2006/default.asp

It is not finished in this form. I have not glued the pins onto the words yet and it has yet to be installed. I had to glue the pins on once I was in Italy because trasporting it would have been a nightmare otherwise. It was already quite hard. I installed the piece in 12 hours and once I was done it was too late to take pictures… And the next day there were way too many people there… and then I left so I am very upset to say that I never got any pictures of it when it was finished. There were quite  a few photographers there so I am hoping a picture will turn up.


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New piece in a shadow. “I am sorry”

I am sending this piece ( and 2 others ) off to Italy tomorrow.

One of the last postcard/letters to go out. If you want me to send you a card just email me your address.

October 25, 2010


stacked postcard

Wrapped photo, ready to send out

a photo to be wrapped:

monkey in a cage, I am wrapping old photos and sending them out.

this one is my favorite so far!

I am taking part in 2 shows in the next month, one in italy and the other in the SFMOMA!

October 21, 2010

Keep the letters coming!! I have sent around 40 letters so far and I have more to go. If you have not gotten your letter yet it is because have some other projects going on. I am going to be in a show in Milan in December. (but the work has to be sent out by the end of October.)  I will give the details soon…  Also I am part of a project that is opening at the San Francisco MOMA in November. I will also provide more information about this soon as well. But for the time being I still want to do this letter project.  So tell your friends!!! Tweet about it. shout about it.. what ever your preferred means of communication is .. do that…

keep the letters coming!

October 15, 2010

Letter Project. Send me your address!

Another example of the letters I am sending out

postal service

October 14, 2010

Keep the address’s coming. The mail is going out. I have around 30 to go right now, I am going to try and have them al done by the end of next week.

thank you for taking part in this. !!!!

mail going out

more mail going out

I am cutting and stacking old postcards that I have collected. I am liking the look.

2 hand cut letters

October 12, 2010

I want to send out 2 of my cut  letters in the mail. So keep sending me your address’s.

I am having so much fun with this project. Basically I want to send gift packages in letter form. Did you ever get a gift package? I went to school away from home so I would get them from time to time. There is nothing quite like it. It is a way of reaching out without using language.

more mail to go out out!!!

October 08, 2010

address from all over the world. Keep them coming.

October 05, 2010

I am asking people to send me their address and I will send them a hand made letter in return. ( probably not a hand cut letter)  This project it really exciting for me. I have been contacted from all over the word. Australia, London, India, Canada, New Mexico..(well thats where I am from) and California. Here are some images I took with my phone of the first letters and envelopes i have made

Email me your address!

October 03, 2010

If you email me your address I will send you a letter

I will send you a card-collage that I make. (probably not a hand cut letter.. but something fun non the less) And if you want, you can send me one back and maybe we can be pen-pals. Lets see if the postal system still works now that everyone uses computer and phones to communicate.I will post the cards I send out and the ones I receive online here.


July 14, 2010

This is the set up of the show in Florence. Every designer imaginable was there. The show was only open tot he press and buyers.. I think.

It was a children clothing fashion week. Amazing. A totally different world. It was completely fun.

this is the beginning of my installation. It took 12 hours to install nonstop. My husband did all the glueing. without him I would have been screwed. At the end of the day my knees were bleeding and I had blisters on my hands. The people at Simonetta were so wonderful.

And jumping around a little this is where I want to be forever….

working in my beautiful studio

March 28, 2010

journal transparency 9″x14″

My first solo show!

January 29, 2010

Annie Vought: Between the Lines

Feb 3 2010 – Mar 21 2010

Opening Reception Thursday, February 4.


Event Details
February 3-March 21, 2010
CIIS Minna Street Center, Second Floor
695 Minna Street (at 8th Street)
San Francisco CA 94103
Gallery Hours: M-F 9:00AM-6:00PM
(except holidays)

About the Artist
Over the past few years part of my practice as an artist has been to make lists of my thoughts as a way of narrowing down what it is I am trying to convey in my work. These lists are ideas, concepts, and materials, meandering misspelled words and phrases. But if someone took the time to read it it would be fuller and more precise than any artist statement I could ever write.

Raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico in a family of artists and musicians, Annie Vought is now based in Oakland, California, where she lives with her husband and large dog. Annie has a far-reaching presence on the web and has exhibited extensively throughout California.


life in the fast lane

November 30, 2009

I made this video with my phone in the car driving to Santa Cruz. Just fun.

life in the fast lane from annie vought on Vimeo.


November 24, 2009

I was published in DiF last month. It is a magazine from Portugal that reminds me a little of Vice.

DIF frontdif 2nd


October 13, 2009


New things

July 11, 2009

New things to come. I am currently moving studios and also applying to as many things as I can. 

Ill be in touch

In School

October 12, 2007

I started Graduate School this semester at Mills College in Oakland. I thought I would keep up with my website and let people know what I am doing. I have started some new paper-cuts that are very different from what I had been working on… We will see if it works.
A month or so ago my website got posted on notcot.com and I have been getting so much wonderful feedback on my work. I am very grateful. Check out notcot.com it is a cool website.
Anyway I am going to post pictures of some of my new work and I would love feedback. I am just messing around and I am always interested in what people do or do not respond to.
Also check out Mike Arcega’s show at the De Young if you can. He is doing some wonderful work.