Not quite finished..

October 31, 2010

This is the piece I did the last time I was in Italy. It was for

It is not finished in this form. I have not glued the pins onto the words yet and it has yet to be installed. I had to glue the pins on once I was in Italy because trasporting it would have been a nightmare otherwise. It was already quite hard. I installed the piece in 12 hours and once I was done it was too late to take pictures… And the next day there were way too many people there… and then I left so I am very upset to say that I never got any pictures of it when it was finished. There were quite  a few photographers there so I am hoping a picture will turn up.

If you look , you can see the tape that I ball up to keep the words on the board… Without the pins my work has no shadow. the shadow might be what I like the best… It is a very different work in this form than the finished product.

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